WeekTwo: Creative Leap

In this week, Nic told us that the creative leap is very important in creating an ad. Leap means both an ‘object’ in the ad and also what the ‘object’ symbolises.

I really enjoyed watching this commercial: ‘Bud Light Too Heavy Too Light’. It’s interesting and creative, particularly the first one, with the man calling Amy outside her window, as well as the pillow fight one. Instead of showing images of a bottle of Bud Light beer, the ad outlines a story that seems to be completely irrelevant to beer, which presents the concept of  ‘not too light, and not to heavy’.

d’Achard Van Ensuchut suggests that “[i]n this element of the creative process [expressing] the materialization takes place. The notion or metaphor is given form or language, the invisible becomes manifest” (2011, 169), which means that there is no need for the object to be present or explicit, because the metaphor will materialise it. In this ad, then, the taste of a Bud Light beer (“just right”) is easily presented in this way, rather than showing the beer bottle itself.


d’Achard van Enschut, JFM.(Hans), 2011, “Dissecting the creative leap: the inside of creation”, October 2011, pp. 167-170, accessed 28 March 2016 from UNSW library.



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