WeekThree: Branding and Consumer behaviour

In my opinion, sometimes, promoting the brand is far more important than promoting a product. According to consumer behaviour, even though there are huge amounts of advertising, consumers might stay loyal to the brand of their preference, particularly when they are consuming existing products (when no new products for that category have been created). Therefore, when a new brand is created, it is more important to differentiate the brand from their competitors, than to make the product stand out. I read the story of Ogilvy, from Reflections of David Ogilvy. Ogilvy believed that “every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the brand image” (Roman&Maas, 1976/2003, p15).


I enjoy drinking; we always have red wine when we’re throwing a party with friends or during a family gathering. I find curious that the brand we always purchase is Penfolds. Penfolds’ simple but luxury-looking package make us feel prestigious, even though the wine itself is actually not that expensive. Besides, it’s funny that its name, translated into Chinese, sounds like “becoming rich”, making it the perfect gift.



Roman, K, Maas J 1976/2003, “HOW TO ADVERTISE: Introduction & Chapter One”, accessed 18 March 2016 from Moodle.



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