WeekFour: Creative Thinking and Insight

Insights are important to create an idea, and an idea is important to create an ad! But where should insights come from? As Nic mentioned, insights come from people’s experiences, aspirations, likes and dislikes: insights, then, come from our target audiences’ emotions. In order to feel as they do, I need to write down some words that draw on my own experiences, feelings, and emotions… I see it can come from the brilliant creative thinking process.

This week we have learnt that free association, divergent thinking, analogies and metaphors, and ‘right-brain’ thinking are all crucial techniques used in creating thinking. We played a funny divergent thinking game: mapping on Google. Mapping is a good way to think of an object from different perspectives, different angles, and it also helps us to think deeply about it. As Shlovsky said: “Art is thinking in images” (Shlovsky, 1917).

Advertising isn’t information (Newman, 2003, p.38), and it shouldn’t try to be. Nowadays, it seems stupid to simply explain the most competitive features of a product in an ad, since ads have become an “annoying” symbol (or sight) in people’s mind. When consumers buy a product, the reasons why they might buy it are probably not rational. Consumers won’t buy a product just because an ad presents a list of good features that the product has (furthermore, people don’t usually believe that a product has all of these good features anyway). So instead of doing this, advertising agents need to start approaching the target audience’s right brain, where they can get an emotional response from the consumer.


Newman, M 2003, Creative Leaps: “Chapter 1 & Chapter 2”, assessed 20 March 2016 from Moodle.

Shklovsky, V 1917, “Art as Technique”, assessed 21 March 2016 from Moodle.


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