Week 6 Story Telling

Storytelling is always a good technique to apply when you’re making an ad because it creates desire; desire is what makes customers consider to consume your service or product.

This Snickers bar ad ran successfully on YouTube, as it has more than 8 million views. To promote the product, the ad uses the character’s properties, body and traits (Bordwell & Thompson, 1993, p.68), wisely. Mr Bean is well known and he’s regarded as a hilarious troublemaker. In this ad, he shows this trait, but he also wants to become stronger for his mission. At the end, he ended up transforming into a vigorous young man after he had a bite of a Snickers bar. This portrays the brand in an impressive way. The ad suggests that Snickers helped Mr Bean to overcome his weakness and become his best self. Because most people know that Mr Bean is a troublemaker, the ad perfectly shows how powerful a Snickers bar can be, how it can help you be your best self.

This ad, then, successfully builds brand awareness (Sharma & Kumar, 2013, p.78), as it makes audiences willingly suggest their friends to watch and share the video. Of course, Celebrity Endorsement  (Sharma & Kumar, 2013, p.76) is also the strengths of this ad; he makes the story incredible interesting. (We also know that inviting super star Rowan Atkinson can be quite expensive, so we can assume that this ad was a big investment for the company.)



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