Week 8 Visual & Creative

Creative ads can always give the audience a visual experience, particularly those that play with colors and fancy designs. Sometimes they might be pleasant to view, but sometimes they might be horrible to view. Color is not just about the actual color; there is so much to see and edit when it comes to color: saturation, contrast, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.22.39 am

This ad here, “Don’t talk while she drives”, is really visually impressive. The bland and faded colors in the background of the ad create a feeling of tragedy, and because the color of blood is highly saturated, it makes the blood the focal point. When looking at this ad, our eyes are immediately attracted to the blood spewing out of the phone. In here, the design drives our emotion. The absence of brightness also adds a sense of sadness, as it suggests hopelessness, as well as unhappy and negative feelings.

Additionally, as the blood is the focus of the ad (because it’s in bright colors), this ad suggests: “yeah, wake up, this is what you should be careful of”. In summary, this is a creative ad that has a smart use of colour.



Malcleod, D. (2010). “Don’t Talk While he Drives” .Viewed on 29th April 2016. https://gageg.wikispaces.com/Don%27t+Talk+While+He%27s+Drivin


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