Week 9 Outdoor Ads

“Creativity” in ads does not only refer to what is drawn on the paper or what is shown on the screen, it’s also about the way it is presented. Nowadays, there are a lot of “creative” ads; however, we are looking for innovation, and not just new concepts in traditional media. I really loved the environment ads I saw today. Rather than only showing the idea, or making us watch or hear about it, environmental ads “force” us to remember their concept by inserting it into our daily life.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.21.38 pm.png

For example, had I seen this friendly environment ad, I wouldn’t have used a second toilet paper sheet if it hadn’t been necessary. If it had been a traditional poster ad, I might have still got educated about the environmental problems that overusing paper can bring, but the effect of a print ad would not be as strong as with this other ad, as the result of using too much toilet paper is directly shown. I believe that the advertising industry will need to become more and more engaging like this to be able to win the target audience’s interest.








Justsomething. “33 shocking ads that will make you think about the issues of our society. #9 is so true it hurts”. Viewed on 5th May 2016. http://justsomething.co/33-shocking-ads-that-will-make-you-think-about-our-society/13/


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