Week 10 Experience:Meaningful & Sensuous

Nowadays, many ads pull people’s emotions to make them care about the brand. Target audiences no longer just accept what the company says about its product, they would like to “feel” it themselves. However, ads tend to make people feel “sad”, and while ads that make people cry are not popular in Australia, they are quite common in places like Thailand.

“[A]ds that use emotional triggers are more widely received and highly successful in creating talk-ability,” said Natjala Paitoon, communications director at Ogilvy Public Relations Bangkok (Dua, 2014).

This creative SONY camera ad tells us a very touching story about the love between a father and a daughter. Instrad of just showing it “positively”, it uses a hilarious approach, which is what many fathers are actually facing in real life. The daughter has grown up and she’s no longer the little angel in the dad’s memory… At the end, the ad highlights that SONY can help you capture every lovely moment, and it’s the story what makes the words powerful. Knowing this, some families with newborn children might consider getting a SONY camera. Ads that provoke similar experiences as this one does are more engaging and might see an increase in their video sharing.

More Recommended Thai Ads ( Unsung Hero has more than 28millions views!):






Dua, T. (2014). “7 Thai  Commercials that will make you bawl like a baby “. Viewed on 13 May 2016. http://digiday.com/agencies/7-thai-commercials-will-make-bawl-like-baby/


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