Week 11 Develop Brand Image

Nowadays, it’s not rare to see many companies in favor of sexual advertisement, as they might believe that that kind of advertisement could attract customers. It’s weird, but true: people are easily attracted by sexual things. However, while sexual things might be good in movies, they don’t do as well in advertising. Advertisers need to be very careful when trying to make a “sexy” ad. These ads can easily end up being counterproductive if they don’t show the business brand image. I was quite shocked with the ads that Nic showed us this week. Has Gucci become a erotic tool historically?

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 4.09.15 pm

I found another funny sexual ad: Subway Wants Women to Eat Rights So They’ll Be Sexier in Their Sexy Halloween Costumes.

I can understand that Subway wants to make this ad positive and impressive, by implying that their meals would make you “better” or more attractive. But to be honest, you can become super hot if you just eat veggies!  And that’s what many super models do. The problem of this ad is that it misinforms the key consumer benefit (Roman & Maas, 2003, p.13). I really don’t think that sexy girls or girls that want to become sexy should be Subway’s main target market. On the contrary, Subway can lose customers, as if they really want to look like that, they might decide to go to a salad shop instead!


Grindr, D. (2014). “Subway Wants Women to Eat Rights So They’ll Be Sexier in Their Sexy Halloween Costumes”. Viewed on 20 May 2016. http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/subway-wants-women-eat-right-so-theyll-be-sexier-their-sexy-halloween-costumes-160521

Roman, K. Maas, J. (1976/2003).”How to advertise”. Viewed on 20 May 2016 from moodle.



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